IzAdi, that means nature in Basque, is an ode to the world of the senses. A soundscape and a sensory journey through the primitive language of the body. IzAdi seeks choreographic inspiration in Japanese poetry called 'Haiku' to transform this genre into a stage game aimed at childhood.

Starting from the essential idea of describing natural phenomena, reality and what is perceived by the senses, in a simple and profound way, a miscellany of short visual poems is created, full of movement, colour, sound and textures that are perceived as a continuous caress of the soul.

Through the choreographic route, we will be able to glimpse moving landscapes of brilliant, muffled, dry, perfumed, undulating, suggestive and... an endless number of sensations that are difficult to describe in words.

Families who come to see it will live an intimate, sensitive and tender experience. A climate rich in sound and visual stimuli that will awaken their senses and enrich their aesthetic experience.

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Style: Contemporary Dance, objects and puppets

Length: 35 min. approx.

Audience: Family show (0-4 years))

Format: Small/Medium

People on tour: 3 people