A space for learning, communication and intergenerational relationships through dance, music and visual arts. The main idea is to make them available to the whole family, developing the creative and artistic side of all participants. Bearing in mind the unlimited and inclusive nature of art, we seek to nurture the creative dimension of each individual through collective interaction.

We work on aspects like sensory perception, the interiorization of rhythm, musicality, synchrony and coordination, body and plastic expression through playful activities that stimulate our psycho-affective, expressive and creative capacities. The main objective of the proposal is to generate a space for play, encounter and participation through artistic language and to create stimulating experiences where we can sing, dance, feel, think, play, share, express and grow as a family.


ou can consult the next dates in our agenda.



Audience: Families

Length: 1 -2 ours

Format: Workshop

Technical needs: Clear classroom and music equipment