2×4. Dance at School for the Little Ones

This is a choreographic-educational project that investigates playing with form, time and space, thus bringing the language of the art of dance closer to the youngest ones in school, children from 3 - 8 years.

It consists of a performance and a practical workshop aimed at fostering the auditory, visual and body sensitivity of the children through the aesthetic and choreographic components of the piece.

Interdisciplinary learning is one of the pillars of the project, which works from the basic concepts that unite the different art forms such as music, painting and sculpture with dance.

It has an itinerant character, so... WE'RE GOING TO YOUR SCHOOL!


Audience: Nursery and primary (3-7 year-old)

Length: Workshop 45-60 min ; performance 50 min.

Format: Workshop + performance

Technical needs: Clear classroom and music equipment