Choreographer, dancer and teacher. Co-directs, together with Luiscar Cuevas, the company La mínima and the Cervandantes Festival. B.A. in Contemporary Dance and M.A. in Music Teaching in Primary Schools. We were part of the team of artist-teachers in the project Trasdanza. Young people in movement (2011). He has been part of El Lagarto Baila since the beginning and is a fundamental pillar of the choreographic projects we carry out. It is a real pleasure to work with him. 


She comes from the world of music. She is a clarinetist, plays various string and percussion instruments, had vocal training and is also a teacher. We met eight years ago in a course on Music, Dance and Visual Arts with Barbara Haselbach, a leading figure in Dance Education. We met again in the master's degree in Education through Dance at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (2020). Her experience and knowledge in Dance Education from a musical perspective enriches the interdisciplinary work of El Lagarto Baila. She collaborates for the first time in the production, creation and performance of HizkidantzA (2022). 


Dancer and teacher. Graduate in Primary Education Teaching and Master's Degree in Educational Innovation and Research, she is currently finishing her Advanced Studies in Dance Pedagogy. We met in the educational context of the Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático y Danza de Euskal Herria "Dantzerti". We both felt strongly our mutual interest in pedagogy and art. We met again at the Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Madrid, this time in the context of the subject of Educational Dance. She is an excellent writer and passionate about the world of literature. Counting on her knowledge in this area and her interpretative and creative talents is a luxury for El Lagarto Baila. She collaborated for the first time sporadically in IzAdi (2021) as a substitute performer. She forms part of the cast in the production, creation and performance of HizkidantzA (2022). 


Music educator specialized in Early Childhood Education. We have been working together on the design and development of family music and dance workshops since 2015. The collaboration with Vesna in the workshops "Bebés a todo ritmo" (Babies in full swing) at Espacio Abierto QM was essential for the creative approach and development of IzAdi (2021), where her vision and knowledge in Early Music Education have served us as guidance and inspiration. Our collaboration has now entered a new phase with the planning and implementation of teacher training workshops.


Cultural Manager and distributor at JavierCultural. Master's Degree in Cultural Management from the University of Alcalá de Henares. He has collaborated with El Lagarto Baila since the beginning, taking care of the non-visible, but necessary, part of the company: administration, management, contracting, distribution, paperwork, paperwork, paperwork... he does everything to ensure that we can continue playing, creating, dancing and traveling


Artisan of various textile techniques. We met in 2020 in a crochet workshop, after which we felt a mutual interest in collaborating and creating bridges between choreographic and textile creation. We made a first collaboration for the performance of IzAdi (2021). In addition to advising me on the design and weaving of various scenic elements, she was in charge of creating and weaving the wonderful outfit of the bird.  Our creative collaboration continues into unknown territory, which hopefully will become a reality in 2023.


Photographer and graphic designer, as well as dancer (degree in Contemporary Dance) and creator. Together with Alberto Almazán, he co-directs the company La Minima and the Cervandantes Festival. He has accompanied El Lagarto Baila from the beginning and his external perspective is a real treasure, just like his images and designs, which bring quality and creativity to the promotional material we have for 2x4 (2015) and IzAdi (2021). Our collaboration is gaining momentum and his presence and participation as a photographer and graphic designer is a significant improvement in quality for future productions.


Fashion and headwear designer. We have known each other for 20 years and we understand one another very well both artistically and personally. He collaborated for the first time with El Lagarto Baila in IzAdi (2021) and it is a pleasure to have him back to imagine and design the costumes and scenery for future productions.


Disseminator of the pedagogical legacy of Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman. We met in 2009 in the academic context of the Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Madrid, where Verena was teaching all subjects related to Educational and Creative Dance. Since then our relationship has been growing both professionally and personally, due to our mutual interest: Education through Dance. Having her unconditional support is a privilege.  She collaborates with El Lagarto Baila by translating texts into English, providing resource material, contributing ideas and believing in the projects that we start with enthusiasm


Video editor and audiovisual producer at Lexafilms. He has collaborated with El Lagarto Baila since the beginning, having already made the recordings and promotional videos for 2x4 (2015) and IzAdi (2021). It is a real luxury to count on his professionalism and audiovisual know-how.


A group of people crazy about contemporary dance. The studio of this association is like a second home. Our relationship goes back to 2006, the year in which we started a common choreographic project under the name Megaló Teatro-Móvil. Those were years of interpretative and creative learning under the direction of Nicolás Rambaud and Coral Troncoso. Their aesthetic and dramaturgical imprint travels along the creative paths of Leire Amonarriz and El Lagarto Baila.


Performing and audiovisual arts cooperative. They are the ones who accompany and enlighten us in every performance.


Diseñador web in Ene-Estudio. His work is linked to the design and maintenance of our website. 


Multidisciplinary artist known as La Variopinta. She designed the company logo and provided us with an image that we like very much!


A service of the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa to promote the processes of learning and creation in dance. Space that warmly welcomes us in our research and rehearsal processes.