About us


The company was formed in 2013 as a result of the need of its director, Leire Amonarriz, to expand her educational activities through scenic proposals. Based on the maxim that art and culture are a fundamental part of the process of integral human development, El lagarto baila focuses its research on the educational and stimulating qualities of the language of art and dance. It is, therefore, an initiative aimed at raising awareness of dance, considering it to be a fundamental part of culture that must be nurtured and encouraged.

The interdisciplinary nature of dance, music and the visual arts is also a source of choreographic, pedagogical and methodological resources of special interest to this initiative.

El lagarto baila is not only a company, but a multidirectional project that puts into value the educational components of dance: aesthetic, cultural and psycho-affective values.



Pedagogue, dancer and researcher.

I moved to Madrid in 2001 with a Scholarship for Dance Training from the Provincial Council of Guipuzcoa. In 2012 I obtained an L.A. in Contemporary Dance Pedagogy from the “María de Ávila Dance Conservatory” in Madrid (CSDMA) and in 2019 a Master's Degree in Psychodidactics from the University of the Basque Country. My interest in education through dance has led me to develop the research projects Art and Culture. An aesthetic education through dance and The body experience as a means for significant individual and collective learning.

At present I teach in the Master's Degree in Education through Dance at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and at the Centro Superior de Arte Dramático y Danza de Euskadi "Dantzerti". I have taught Educational Dance in the CSDMA and taken part in several artistic-educational projects such as Trasdanza, Young people in movement or the MUS-E project.

My professional experience has been continuously developed between performance and teaching. As a performer and coach, I was part of the Madrid-based company Megaló teatro-móvil for over 6 years and have performed works by choreographers such as Nicolás Rambaud, Carmen Werner, Teresa Nieto and Enrique Cabrera, among others. This experience enriches the teaching and choreographic work that I have been doing for years with children, young people and adults. My first choreographic piece, Pilotos Suicidas, was a finalist in the 20th Choreographic Competition Madrid.

In 2013 I launched El lagarto baila, an artistic-educational project with which I seek to expand my teaching activities through performance proposals and workshops.